Saturday, September 15, 2012

Winner, winner, Apples and Honey for Dinner

Yes, I realize that the phrase is usually, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner." But, Rosh Hashannah, Jewish New Year, starts tomorrow night and I've got images of apples and honey swirling in my brain. That and the thought of how much fun I'm going to have making lunch for the 20 or so folks I've invited over on Monday.
Better get crackin' on that.
First though I have to announce the winners of the giveaway.
They are:

Phyllis Van said...
Austin in February, not a bad idea.
Love your new fabric.


 robin chapa said...What a great block! Can't wait to try that-- thank you!

Ok, Phyllis and Robin, email me at with your addresses and I will send you each a little fabric treat.

To all those who celebrate and even if you don't,  I wish you a Shanah Tova V'metukah, a very sweet and happy new year!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Crafty Me on

I mentioned a few posts back that I had recently taped a class for Well, my class, Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist, is live and actually already has quite a few students enrolled in it.
For those of you who are not familiar with Craftsy, it is an online community that offers a huge variety of craft classes in a wide variety of subjects. Sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, even baking are some of the topics you could find downloadable classes about at Craftsy. All the classes are taught by knowledgeable folks and they include access to the instructor for questions, a forum for discussion, as well as a platform for uploading finished projects. That's why I called it a community because Craftsy is big on the idea of being more than just a resource for classes, but a place where creative folks can gather to learn and exchange ideas. It's super cool and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

When I went out to Denver last August I was honestly a little nervous. Though I'd had some in-front- of-the-camera experience, it wasn't exactly my favorite thing to do. I just didn't feel comfortable in that setting and, though I was excited about the opportunity, I had some trepidation about the actual process. Well, like most things we worry about, all my anxieties were needless. Everything from the old hotel I stayed in to the amazingly cool space the studios were located in (including an onsite vegetable garden) to the friendly, interested, enthusiastic folks I worked with made this a wonderful and memorable experience.
I knew from the moment I pulled up to the Craftsy studio that I wanted to share bits of this experience with you. So, I took some pictures. Imagine how fun it would be to work every day in this space:
And, of course, a creative space is only as great as the people who run it, so I've got to include a picture of the great crew I worked with. They made this the terrific experience it was.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moda Blog Hop: My Turn

Today is my turn in the Moda blog hop and I'm pretty excited.
As the theme for the blog hop is Hometown Buzz, I get to tell y'all about where I live, Austin, Texas. I really love my town and I do happen to think it is one of the best places to live, certainly in Texas, and probably in the US. So, I won't have any problem extolling its virtues.
I'm also psyched to share a free PDF block pattern and giveaway fabric. Because, who doesn't love that?
Rather than write you an essay about Austin, complete with topic sentence and three supporting paragraphs, as well as a well-stated conclusion (can you tell I have a kid in school?), I thought I would make a list of 5 of my most favorite things about Austin.
Here it is, in descending order:

5. Until his sad and untimely death recently, Leslie Cochran, usually known as just Leslie, ran for mayor of my fine town, always campaigning in outfits that featured his trademark leopard print thong.

4. Having an amazing trail that winds its way around the Colorado River right in the middle of town.
Last Saturday's buzz on the Town Lake trail: Did you see Lance (Armstrong) running on the trail?
3. More Tex-Mex restaurants than Starbucks. That's really what you want on every corner.
2.  Live music, baby! Can you say Austin City Limits music festival AND South by Southwest? And that doesn't even count all the minor music festivals like the Keep Austin Weird Music Fesitval.

And...the number one reason I love Austin:
Hello! QuiltCon is here in February of 2013. How cool is that?

Another reason I'm excited to be a part of the blog hop is that it gives me an opportunity to tell and show you a bit about my new line, Simple Marks.
This shot actually features most, but not all of the colorways and patterns in my new line. My first collection, a stitch in color, included a cheater cloth which was incredibly fun....and popular. This collection has two. The prints are still playful and energetic, but the colors are a bit more fall-like. Perfect because these fabrics will be available in stores and online in November. Who coordinates these things? :)
To celebrate the hop, new fabrics, both mine and by the other talented designers at Moda, and just cause, the terrific folks at Moda are offering up this simple, yet contemporary block pattern for you to make.
Click here to get the PDF of the instructions for the Sew Sweet Sampler. I'm working on a mini quilt with four of these blocks and my  mind is already planning how I'm going to supersize it.

As for the giveaway; check out these goodies:
I've got a charm pack to give away as well as two, 2 1/2" charm packlets(that is what you call teeny charm packs, right?). So, I'm going to pick two winners, one for the 5" charm squares and a second for the pair of 2 1/2" charm squares.
Now, it's your turn, leave a comment and I'll announce the winner in a few days.