Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Abi's Socks

I made Abi these socks for Chanukah. I decided to make each of the girls a handmade item for the last night. Unfortunately, I only finished her socks yesterday. I knit mittens for Rachel(picture to follow soon) and I'm supposed to make a sham for Sarah that matches the quilt I made her for her bat-mitzvah(ditto on that picture to follow soon thing). I bought this yarn from Knit Picks a while back. I think the original intent was for Sarah to make a baby sweater for someone, but I she never got around to it. I used some of the yarn for Rachel's mittens and the rest for Abi's socks. I obviously didn't sweat making them identical.
Abi's got the perfect personality for mis-matched socks. She's such an individual. She never worries about what others will think of her clothes or her interests. She really knows her own mind. I love watching her explore her world.

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