Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Color My World Daily

That's the name of a flickr group I belong to. Except I never get to add any images to the group. It's not because the group is moderated by some overbearing ogre that just doesn't want to see the likes of me and my images in the group pool. Rather it's because the featured color changes everyday and I seem to be totally out of sync with that day's hue. All that changed today. Guess what today's color is?

Yep, it's orange.
And, through some miracle of happenstance I live in just the kind of neighborhood where folks not only own an orange couch, but find it acceptable to deposit that couch on the curb once they're done with it. Add to that I'm the kind of neighbor who's ready and willing to screech to a halt and pull her car over just to catch said couch on film(or rather as a whole bunch of pixelated dots).

Austin is truly my kind of town!


Jennifer said...

austin seems a lot like richmond, va!

sherry said...

Austin is my kind of town, too! Love the color, the culture, the art, the folks ... love what the city offers.

And love that it is only an hour drive south from home.

caroline said...

I just randomly found your blog through flickr--someone posted about using one of your dying techniques on a quilt in the Fresh Modern Quilts group.

Lo and behold, I see from the orange couch, that we live in the same neighborhood.

Squeegees said...

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