Monday, June 27, 2011

A Wee Interview

Today I'm featuring something a little different and new here in my little corner of the internet.
But, before I do that, I have to take a minute to thank all of you or all of y'all as we say here for your heartfelt and touching comments about my sweet Scout's passing. Whether you wrote just to let me know you were sorry to hear of her death or told me your own story of pet loss, it was truly comforting to read and so appreciated.

I'm pretty sure I've never done this before, but I thought that today I'd bring you an interview with one of my blog sponsors, Saral Paper Corp. I've crafted several projects using their terrific transfer papers including this and this. And I've recently sent off a project which I can't show here, but will be appearing in a publication later this year that uses Saral paper to transfer text to fabric. So I though it might be fun to find out a little bit more about Saral from Dick Lamley, president of Saral Paper Corp. It didn't dawn on me until just now that a photo of Mr. Lamley might have been a welcome addition to this interview. In lieu of his actual photo, I'm including this image: