Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Clothes for...? Me, of course

If you visited here before, you know I can be a pretty selfish seamstress. I have, in the past, the very distant past, made clothes for my girls, but their level of enthusiasm didn't match my degree of effort, so I searched for a more appreciative clientele. And, where did I find said clientele. Well, she stared back at me every morning when I brushed my teeth.
I am always happy to receive the fruits of my stitching labors and today's featured creation is no exception.
This dress is Simplicity 9778, which is a pattern I bought so many years ago. I did a little google search to see if the pattern is still available and apparently it is, but not this version. I guess they re-use pattern numbers. They're not retired like football jerseys. Who knew?
Anyway, I think I originally bought the pattern for my eldest when she was 12 or 13. That would be about 8 years ago, so you can't find it at Joann's. I'm sorry.
You can however find the fabric I made it in. Yep. That's the reissue of Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt and I picked up my yardage at my local Stitch Lab. They have more, people.
This dress was oh so easy to make and the fit is fabulous. So fabulous that version number 2 is already in the works, this time from some summery blue linen.


Annabellelouise said...

I like the dress. like you, I am trying to make some dresses before the summer. I'm sure there is a similar pattern now. I've seen it.

Cindy Sharp said...

You will look great in that.

(Just so that doesn't creepy you out, I was at the Frisco Quilt Guild when you were there recently. )

janae king...sewing patterns said...

LOve the dress! Good job! I want that fabric, love it.

Emerson Clan said...

After some searching for a Simplicity dress pattern that was similar I found Simplicity 2938 which looks almost exactly like yours with the pleated neckline and all!

Heather said...

That's really nice! I too have sewn for my children, and I know exactly what you mean about appreciation! I really like the fabric choice.

Kate said...

My daughters feel the same way about my efforts for them.
Recently made a little flowy tank out of some Lisette cotton lawn. I made the pattern from an existing top that she loves.
Turned out so great, or so I thought. It was hanging on the front of her closet when she got back form camp on Friday. Won't even try it on. I think that's it for them.

Maria Dsouza said...

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Quilting by the Lake said...

What pattern did you use with sleeves in APQ, page 17? Cute dress!