Thursday, June 6, 2013

Superstar Baby Quilt

One of the perks of designing fabric is the opportunity to craft items with that fabric. Some of you may remember this quilt:
Now, this dates back to my first line, a stitch in color, but, in all honesty, I still love this quilt and see so many possibilities for re-interpreting it.
In fact, when I taught this pattern locally at Stitch Lab I was blown away by the way my students utilized other stripe combinations as well as prints and pattern to make this quilt. I can even see this pattern as more of a single, giant block with the possibility of making 4 or more blocks to create a large, bed-sized quilt.
Now, I'd like to offer you all the chance to make this quilt.
These paper patterns are fully, beautifully, and colorfully illustrated.
The instructions are easy to follow and, despite the fact that the quilt looks complicated, it actually is incredibly simple to put together.
I am offering these paper patterns for sale in my shop, though I do have a limited number and am not planning on resupplying. So, if you think you might be interested in making this design, head over there and check it out.


nanotchka said...

This looks like a fun one to play with in lots of color and fabric combinations! Just placed my order! Can't wait for it to come!

Annabellouise said...

My mouth waters looking at these. As a fabricholic I need my daily fix. Yummy.