Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The view from my room

My sewing room room, that is.
And, like I previously mentioned, most of the windows crank open, so working here is a multi-sensory experience. I removed the screen on the right hand side, but left the other one, so I can enjoy a morning breeze or birdsong as I work.
Now, I'm not going to imply that everything is up and running, but I do have my sewing machine ready to go and I've decided to do something a little different in terms of displaying a couple of my quilts in my work space.
I'm actually using a pair of my shaped quilts as floor mats. I go back and forth on this. On the one hand there's really no other way to display/use them as both were designed as baby quilts and I don't have one of those. They look great on the floor and I'm pretty much the only one likely to step on them as it is my work space. I'm not going to lie to you though. I have noticed that despite the fact that I often walk around barefoot, I tend to avoid actually walking on the quilts. Now, they've only been there for a couple of days, so that could change. or, I could decide that laying my quilts on the floor is a crazy idea and what was I thinking.
I do know that I've started to work in my space and I love it!
Currently I'm working on some design projects for a magazine, but, in the process, I have managed to make this:
It's an 18" x 12" pillow cover much like the one featured in the banner at the top of the page. I'll be adding it to my shop in the next few days...as soon as I unearth the form that goes with it.
Tonight my design walls go up, my hanging line from which I've photographed many a quilt and maybe some shelving for my fabric.
It's beginning to look a lot like a space to create in!

PS I found and have set aside the original "Postcards from Home" book. Look for those images here in the next few days.


lu summers said...

i LOVE the idea of quilts as rugs malka, but am interested that you're finding you're not walking on them! i can imagine if i do the same they would be COVERED in crap from the kids within minutes...plus a very moulting cat...but hey - i can't wash the rugs without a steam cleaner so perhaps quilts are a good idea on the floor as they're washable? i love how these look on you're floor & i think it's genius.

Karen said...

Hi! Lovely view!! I'm in the middle of a craft room makeover, and have added an air conditioner to my window, so there went the lookout and half the natural light. It's much easier to create out of this Northeast mug-fest we've been having recently.

I'm just wondering if, now that you are unpacking and settling in, you might be listing more of those scraps on Etsy. You'd mentioned a few weeks ago that you would be putting more up for sale, but I haven't wanted to pester you in the middle of the gargantuan task of moving quarters. Thanks!!

Paula said...

What a great view. I love the idea of using quilts as rugs, nothing wrong with walking around them rather than over them.

nanci said...

Love your view & the quilts on the floor! Also, anxiously awaiting to hear about scraps for sale! We are trsveling, , don't want to miss out.. best wishes in your new home.

Tammy said...

Great view and great quilts.

Violetsrose said...

I've used one of my large quilts on the floor in the past - it was great for when my daughter was a baby at the crawling stage - she could pootle around on it and it there was any kind of leakage of any sort (you know the kinds!!) then I could simply pick the whole thing up and bung it in the machine - we left it down for months and the whole family walked around on it (in indoor shoes only mind) and it never suffered any ill effects - its a wonderful way to use something that would otherwise be stuck in a cupboard.

NAABR said...

HI your site is fun. I love the huge window you get to look out of, and the floor matts and colors are FUN!

I like your sewing table, can you tell me the brand or is it custom made?


Unknown said...

It’s definitely good to have a huge glass window like that in your room. I know that you enjoy the work, but there are times that you also want to take a break and rest for a while. Looking at the gorgeous view outside can make you feel comfy and relieved. You can also open a window to bring some fresh air into the room. Isn't that very relaxing?
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