Monday, May 25, 2009

Mini Quilt Monday :: Yellow Edition

One of my goals in taking on the challenge of Mini Quilt Monday was to investigate some technical or design element every week. Sometimes the idea being explored altered the quilt in a big way. I feel that was the case last week. And sometimes, the new idea or direction is just a small variation of something I've already tried. I think that's OK too. A lot of times making one of these minis has spawned a slew possible variations on a given design.
This week's mini falls into the subtle variation category, but it's definitely something I've been thinking about for a while.

The concept, simple quilts, has to do with whole cloth quilts crafted out of a single, beautifully dyed piece of fabric. I envision this top heavily quilted and bound by a contrasting fabric whose color is intensified by the color of the top. Oftentimes, when I work out a design idea I do so in stages. This mini quilt seems like it might be stage 1 of my simple quilts idea.

It's obviously not constructed out of one piece of fabric, but I did stick to mostly yellow fabrics. I wanted it to read like a color field, but to be made out of small, slightly different bits. To accentuate it's singleness of hue, I bound it with some amazing yellow silk dupioni.

Photographing the quilt against this gray background was pretty much a no brainer. I'm especially partial to this view where so much of the background is included. It really highlights that color field quality.

This is the last Monday in May and technically, the end of my May celebration of mini quilts. But I'm not feeling done with Mini Quilt Monday, so I'm extending my commitment to weekly Monday Mini Quilts through June. I invite you all to join me on any or all of the Mondays in June by posting your mini quilt to the Mini Quilt Monday flickr group .
And, if you have a minute, check out Melissa's little beauty on her blog, Whatknot .


Terriaw said...

I love reading about your thought process with this one. And I love the one-color theme. So glad to hear you are continuing with your Mini Quilt Monday journey. It has certainly inspired me! I could pick a spot in my garden and use that for inspiration, or pick a color to experiment with. All sorts of possibilities.

melissa s. said...

love this, and love hearing your thoughts behind it. long live mini quilts :)

Isa said...

What great colors. I love it against the gray wall, it makes the fabric "light up"

Janet said...

I like the round corners. The monochromatic colors really show off the modern prints.

sa said...