Friday, November 26, 2010

Shop Talk

I may have caught the Black Friday fever. I didn't venture out to the malls, but I did go in search of a couple specific fabrics at Joann's. People, that place is a madhouse. I ended up buying a couple spools of thread. Big, thousand yard spools that usually cost about $10.00 a piece, but today were buy one, get the second free. Then, the checker scanned some coupon that she had at the counter and the spools got even cheaper.
Though the craziness of the place convinced me that I should come back during the week to buy muslin, I was inspired by my Joann's experience to do something new in my shop.
(Imagine me speaking in a loud voice) For the first time ever, I'm offering my blog readers, that's you wonderful people, a special discount on the items available in my store. That's 10% off any purchases between now and next Tuesday. To use the coupon code, all you need to do is type in the phrase BLOGLOVE when you check out.
I've just updated the store with some new fabric bundles

 and a scrap bundle.
 I also have an array of pillow covers, patterns, hand dyed fabrics, coasters, quilts, and at least one or two other things I've forgotten.
If you've been thinking about buying one of the quilts or pillow covers I have listed, her's your chance to get it at a discount.
Just sayin. :)


Linen and Tulle said...

Jo-Anns is one of the few places I go to on Black Friday. The cutting line is long but my local store uses numbers so you can still look at fabric while waiting. I went for some specific fabric today too and was thrilled they had it.

Kathy said...

I did a bit of ordering from Joanns on line yesterday, and then stopped by Michaels last night. MUCH better way to shop!
Now I am working on minkee pillowcases and that is as painful as Joanns would have been, lol.
I could not resist your fabric today, so I guess I did make a Black Friday purchase! meant to do it weeks ago but by the time I got back to my cart all your swatch sets were gone, so this was PERFECT, thank you!

bookwormbethie said...

wow, I wanted to go to JoAnns either yesterday or this morning but didn't want to deal with crazy crowds -- you are brave! I did happily order your book online (yay for no lines!) and can't wait for it to show up!

Tanya said...

Do you sell a pattern for the camera strap? I would love to make one for my lab camera in a skull motif -- I'm an archaeologist by day.

Love your work!

Lisa said...

Wow - thanks! I'm going to check out those scrap bundles. (And BTW, Joanne's is pretty insane most of the time, in my experience. I have to psych myself up to go there!)

Anonymous said...

I could not find any fabric bundles and or scraps in your store or a sold out notice. Have they all sold out or was I not searcing in the correct area?

Malka Dubrawsky said...

Hi Tanya,
I don't currently sell a pattern for the camera strap. I probably will in the future.
Also, if anyone is looking for fabric bundles, they are sold out(check the cold items if you're curious about an item's availability). I am planning on listing a few more on Friday.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Darn it! I missed it.