Monday, February 2, 2009

Here I am

I'm the one with one of my eyes stuck in a semi-permanent squint. That's because I've spent the better part of the last week finishing up the photos for my book. It has been quite a learning experience. I feel like I've come out the other end with a lot more photo know-how and a whole lot more questions. There's a guy I know who's a professional photographer and I actually wondered today if he'd mind if I just rang him up, out of the blue, to ask some questions. I should note that I hardly know this guy. He's an acquaintance at best, but I am bursting with what-ifs.
In lieu of making a total fool of myself, or maybe just staving it off, I've bought this . Maybe that can keep humiliation at bay for a little while.
Other than the book, I've only bought one other little thing to make the picture taking go smoothly.
A little, eensty, weensy macro lens. I so love it. If I wasn't already to committed to the hubby, I'd marry the macro lens.
Unfortunately, I can't really share most of the decent photos I've taken with it and, since I already stated I'm working on limiting my exposure to humiliation, I won't show you the really bad pictures, I'm left with this:

It's a detail of an Indian textile that I'm featuring in discussing inspiration. The photo's not all that special, but I love the way this lens allows you to focus on something so small. My heart is also aflutter over the wonderful way you can control the blur. I'm telling you I'm busting out in-love with this lens.


Eva said...

Oh, I can understand the enthusiasm over these new possibilities. It reminds me of the time when I had my first digital camera. Now you have this magic magnifying glass. Wonderful! Fun AND results to publish!

Nancy said...

My new favorite place to go. Thanks. Love your fabrics. Once I've used up my stash I will indulge! I would love to learn to dye myself someday. (that didn't sound right- did it?)

Lauren The Artist said...

I think that's a great picture. I can't wait to see the others.

susan said...

cant wait for the book, you will be selling on your site right? signed?

slaint said...

what macro lens did you get?! I love it. I love taking macro shots.
can't wait for more photos!

Rosemoo said...

Lovely pictures! I adore the giant twinkle quilt.