Sunday, February 8, 2009

So many pretties

One of the coolest services flickr offers is mosaic maker. You can use it to make photo mosaics from your own sets, links on the internet, or from your flickr favorites. Though I like to fancy myself as computer savvy, the truth runs more towards semi-luddite, so it took me a few tries to make one of these. Now that I've "mastered" it though, I really enjoy making them.
This probably represents a week of lurking around on flickr and "faveing" various images. it's pretty interesting to see what I'm drawn to. Not suprisingly, there are quite a few quilts or quilt blocks, a lot of repeated patterns and plenty of color.
I really enjoy making these compilations and re-experiencing all the wonderful images I've encountered over the past week.
If you're as drawn to these beauties as I am and would like to know their titles as well as be able to follow a link to their respective flickr pages head on over here .


Anonymous said...

Hi-I was wondering how people put these together-I didn't know it was through FLICKR. thanks for the info.

Lisa said...

These "quilts" are cool, and they always leave me wanting more! If I see one of these, I usually end up going to Flickr to see the actual pictures in it.
I have been over to your blog before, and can't remember if I left comments or not. I love your work! You are a true artist! I always want to paint my walls (even) brighter colors after I see yours. (That will give my husband some gray hairs! LOL!)
I set up to be a "follower" of your blog and will definitely be looking for your book. Will you explain how to make the Twinkle quilts in it? (Or can't you say?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this... love that super-colorful Plain Spoken quilt in the second row. A great collection of inspiring images!