Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Shots

...of the Boyfriend Quilt before it becomes a PDF pattern and belongs to someone else.

To answer a few of your questions:
This is my pattern and not available somewhere else.
I will be including information about the exact fabric(with color names) that I used.
I will also be including Moda Bella Solid substitutes(I do work for them, so...makes sense to me).
I anticipate the pattern being available early to mid March.
I don't actually know what caused the Polar Vortex.

Ok, no one asked the last question, but my answer is as true as the previous 3. If you have other questions/concerns, please feel free to share them with me via email or in the comments.


Linda Frankiewicz said...

Looking forward to your pattern! Thank you

Anonymous said...

I REALLY love that close quilting. Thanks for the beautiful colors on this cold gray day up north where the polar vortex has taken a stronghold this winter! Take care, Byrd

Robbienae said...

Ohhhh, From Outside In has the most Wonderful and vibrant colors! Right up my alley, and I Would love to WIN!
Thanks so much.

dshearrer60 said...

wonderful is your fabric!

Robin Zachman said...

Warm. I live in Minnesota and just keep praying this winter would say good bye. Beautiful quilts.

jul said...

I am really enjoying this blog hop. The fabrics are beautiful and the alphabet idea is great.

Sandy said...

Since I'm a "W", I like this letter. I also like your wonderful designs and recently bought you book to understand how you work. I would be a very happy winner!