Monday, February 17, 2014

Patterning Ups and Downs

The other day I was having dinner with some friends and one of them suggested that we all name a highlight from the previous week. Though this may sound a bit awkward and forced, I think a lot about issues relating to gratitude and being present and possibly so do the folks I gravitate towards, so we thought this was a great idea.
We then took turns naming a single event that brightened our week. Several pointed to a particular work achievement and one or two mentioned something relating to relationships or friendship as their personal highlight.
I focused on creating. I'm hot and heavy at work on my next collection for Moda and I've struggled a bit with it. It seemed like lately that just as I'd I test a pattern I'd reject it for some reason. That is until last Thursday.
I can't pretend to say that I know what changed and I realize that that would probably be a good idea, but, in the course of one day, I went from having 3 "for sure" patterns to 7 definites and 2 probablies.
That was a very good day.
This shot of my design wall doesn't even represent all the possibilities, both accepted and rejected.
It makes me feel excited to have all the pattern possibilities because now I can play with the palette. That part I do have nailed down.

As for the patterns and/or color ways that don't make the final cut:

Look for these to be quilted, crafted into pillow covers, and added to my store.


charlotte said...

I love a look at your process. Your saturated colors really appeal to me and I love the designs. Can't wait to see this collection.

LynneMcL said...

I'm a huge fan of your fabrics - they all look fantastic to me- especially the orange diamonds! Love it.

Susan said...

I am all over the oranges! and bring on the plaids. I'm hoarding my last bit of the orange and yellow plaid from stitched in color.