Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I'm Working on Wednesday

What am I working on this Wednesday?
Pretty much the same thing I was working on on Monday.
I did finish binding The Boyfriend Quilt and might have a chance to take some shots of it today, but I'm very much in the thick of things with these:

I'm constantly making and re-making lists of which patterns make the final cut and what color ways I still want to try. It's a good thing I have a deadline because my tendency is to wonder, " what if..." and I need to wrap up the group. I have told myself several times that not every pattern has to make it into this collection. I can always hold on to it and include it in another group down the road. That's the reasonable side of me. The other side? She's not so easily swayed by sensible arguments, but we're coming to the end here, so....
All this patterning and dyeing has yielded a few more bundles and a scrap pack for my store, so check that out if you have a minute.

Be back on Friday!

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Anonymous said...

love your hand dyed fabric and all of your designs. Thanks for inspiring and keep creating