Friday, February 21, 2014


Titling this post "Outtakes" kind of assumes that there are intakes. In actuality there aren't...yet.
I went to a local park yesterday to take shots of the finished Boyfriend Quilt for the pattern and promotion and because the boyfriend's birthday is coming up next week, so my time with this quilt is getting limited.
Although it was a beautiful day, I just couldn't seem to find the "right" spot to take full view shots. I have some ideas for other locations and plan to try those out this weekend.
Until then, I'm sharing the "outtakes" from the photo shoot with you all.

Right now the quilt is in the dryer. All that nature got it a little dirty.

In shop news: More bundles and scrap packs listed for those who want them!

Have a great weekend!


Linda Frankiewicz said...
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Linda Frankiewicz said...

I LOVE this quilt and the colors!! I can't wait for your pattern. I hope you tell me the name of the fabric, too! Your park area is so nice. My son is in his last semester of grad school at UT. Do you have a shop or anything that I can visit when I'm down there?

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Amanda said...

Oh man, every time I see this quilt I can't help but smile. I may have to pick up the pattern once it's available.